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Church Planting and Leadership Development

Andrea Diener (admin), 7/14/2018

Church Planting

Covenant Church has as a core belief that the best way to reach the nations for Jesus Christ is by planting healthy, gospel-centered local churches. For that reason, we are committed to planting churches globally and locally. Over the past 6 years we have had the privilege of helping plant 50 churches in 20 different countries.

By our 50th anniversary in 2028, we have a vision to help plant 50 new churches in our community and around the world, with at least 3-5 of those churches being planted in our own backyard. 

Questions? Contact Jonathan Culley | Executive Pastor
Director of Church Planting & Leadership Development

Andrea Diener (admin), 7/12/2018

Missions Highlight 

Pakistan has a population of 230 million unreached people and hundreds of secret believers who are hungry for fellowship and discipleship. During the Covid lockdowns, God led our long-time partner in England to identify and develop a network of over 100 Muslim Background Believers in Pakistan (PMBBs). From that initial group, 42 men and women were selected for training to equip them to share the gospel with Muslims and disciple other PMBBs in their own communities, cultures, and languages. The 5-year goal is to train 250 men and women who will start house fellowships in the major cities and towns of Pakistan led by PMBBs who speak the local languages and dialects. Covenant Church is partnering in this work to spread the kingdom of God and help support new believers who face great persecution because of their faith in Christ.

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Andrea Diener (admin), 7/10/2018


Faith Promise is a Spirit-led means of financially supporting Covenant Missions.  It involves "faith" because we are deciding to give over the next year money we don't currently have or aren't certain we will receive or intend to give as God enables.  It involves "promise" because as God supplies the money, we promise to follow through in joyful obedience and give it to Covenant Missions instead of using it for other personal needs.