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"LAMPS" stands for "Leadership and Ministry Preparation Seminary."  It is a church-based seminary program that has been endorsed by our denomination's church-planting organization, Mission to North America (MNA).  So far, there are over 20 LAMPS learning sites based out of numerous PCA churches scattered all over the country.  Covenant Presbyterian Church became one of these learning sites in 2011.

Purpose of LAMPS

LAMPS was developed to train men for pastoral ministry but who find the traditional seminary route impractical or impossible due to finances, family, job, and other considerations.  It provides a degree equivalent to a Masters of Divinity (MDiv) in 5 or 6 years, without requiring the student to have a prior Bachelor's degree.

At Covenant, we use LAMPS for three primary purposes:
  • Leadership Development.  LAMPS enables us to train CPC men whom we raise up within the church who are called to pastoral ministry.  It also serves as an “area hub” for other local churches for sending their ministerial candidates.
  • Church Planting. LAMPS enables us to plant churches (ethnic or otherwise) in Brevard County with qualified ordained pastors who are unable to pursue traditional seminary.
  • Training Existing Local Pastors.  LAMPS enables us to offer seminary-level biblical education to existing local pastors (ethnic or otherwise) who have never had the opportunity to receive Masters-level training.

Who is this for?

Although local churches can use the LAMPS program to accomplish a variety of educational goals, at Covenant, we are using it to train men for pastoral ministry.  Therefore, we will only accept applicants who meet at least the following criteria:
  • They are men who already sense or are pursuing a call to pastoral ministry
  • They are already connected in biblical community in their church
  • They are already demonstrating some kind of leadership in their church
Also, since LAMPS is not "accredited" at a national level, it is not for those who intend to pursue higher academic learning (such as doctoral studies).  Essentially, the person who pursues anything that will require an accredited Masters degree would not benefit from LAMPS.  But for the person who is only seeking ordination in pastoral ministry, LAMPS is a worthy option.

Benefits of LAMPS

There are numerous benefits to the LAMPS program, compared to traditional seminary.  Here are some of the most notable:
  • Enables men to remain in our church laboring in their existing ministry path
  • Enables men to keep their current jobs and not have to uproot their families
  • Provides men who don’t have a Bachelor’s degree with a more reasonable path toward ordination
  • Costs about one-fifth less than a typical "brick-and-mortar" seminary
  • More conducive to flexible schedules with work and family life
If you would like to learn more, go to the LAMP Web Site.