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She Shares:  Sexual Abuse Recovery Group 

The brokenness that results from sexual abuse can be devastating, causing victims to battle with shame, fear, guilt and loneliness.  We want to provide a safe and confidential place for you to process the pain resulting from sexual abuse and help you journey toward hope, healing and restoration. We offer a confidential recovery group for women who have experienced any form of sexual abuse or trauma.  We will offer groups at least 3 times during the years (fall, spring and summer) - meeting weekly for 11 weeks.  Once a group begins, it will be closed and new participants would need to wait until the next group forms to participate. 

If you are interested in participating in a current or upcoming group, please contact Andrea Diener, to schedule an initial one-on-one meeting (required).  Group size is limited.  


Hear first hand the impact sexual abuse can have and how God works to take us from a place of brokenness to restoration.  View Andrea's Story - From Brokenness to Restoration.


If you are interested in joining a group, need more information or would just like to meet, contact Andrea Diener at