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We are now taking online nominations for the offices of elder and deacon.  Please read over the guidelines and qualifications as you prayerfully submit your nominations.




Officer nominees should already be a part of our effort to make and be disciples, and they should be worshipping regularly, connecting biblically in a Covenant Group and serving the church and/or reaching out to our community.
  • The person making the nomination must be a Communing Member of Covenant.  
  • The person being nominated must be a Communing Member of Covenant.
  • It is not necessary to notify the person you wish to nominate. 
  • Elders and Deacons already serving need not be re-nominated for their current office. For a list of current Officers click here.
  • Current Deacons can be nominated for the Office of Elder.
  • Each Communing Member of Covenant can nominate two Elders and two Deacons.
  • A man is added to the nomination list when he has received two nominations for the same office.  
  • Multiple nominations from the same immediate family count as one nomination. Therefore, a man is NOT nominated when he has received a nomination for the same office from a husband AND wife. This counts as one nomination for the said office.   


We encourage you to read the following as you consider who to nominate:  1 Timothy 3Titus 11 Peter 5Acts 20:17-352 Timothy 2:1-3.  These Scriptures provide some of the qualifications of elders and deacons.  Here is a summary of those teachings:



  • Above reproach, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable
  • Holds fast to the Gospel and able to teach
  • Not a drunkard, violently quarrelsome, nor a lover of money
  • Manages his own family well, with obedient, respectful children
  • Not a recent convert
  • Good reputation in and out of the church


  • Clearly led by the Spirit, bearing the fruits of the Spirit
  • Respected by those inside and outside the church
  • Sincere and trustworthy (not two- faced or double-tongued)
  • Self controlled, leading his own body, mind and appetites.
  • Not greedy - must be characterized by generosity and selfless motives
  • Be sound in the Gospel, truly grasping the Gospel and living it out consistently
  • Be generally blameless, bearing scrutiny
  • If married, has a Godly wife, managing his household well. 


  • Nominations are accepted during from Mar 27 - Apr 24, 2022.
  • Nominees are informed and decide if they want to move forward with officer training.
  • Nominee Training is typically summer/fall.  Nominees that accept their nomination are examined and approved by the Session.
  • Voting takes place at the Congregational meeting in December.
  • New officers are installed to their office January 2023.

Andrea Diener (admin), 6/5/2020