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Adult Small Groups

We have various types of groups depending on your desire to grow.  You will find information below on Covenant Groups and  Journey Groups.  We offer groups that are for Men, Women or Mixed.

Covenant Groups

Covenant Groups (what we call our small groups) are gatherings of approximately 6-12 people meeting weekly in homes for prayer, Bible study, fellowship, and mutual care. We consider them to be essential in helping individuals grow in the faith.  Click below if you are interested in joining one of our Covenant Small Groups 


Journey Groups

A Journey Group consists of 3-7 people who meet weekly for the purpose of mutual, life-on-life, missional discipleship.  Men meet with men, and women meet with women.

  • "Mutual, life-on-life" - These groups emphasize the concept of "iron sharpening iron," where everybody participates in helping the others grow (as opposed to a teacher merely dispensing knowledge to everybody else).
  • "Missional" - These groups strongly resist the "holy huddle" tendency by requiring its members to be praying for and reaching out to their non-Christian contacts (neighbors, co-workers, friends, etc.).  In the New Testament, healthy disciples are Christ-followers who are multiplying their faith.  These groups expect its members to be growing in personal, relational evangelism.
  • "Discipleship" - These groups are not typical Bible studies, although the Bible is studied. They are really all about discipleship, or growing in our actual walk with Christ on a daily basis. This can only happen when people are investing personally in each others' lives.The Journey Group curriculum covers three years total, but participants only commit to nine months at a time (Sep-May), with a break over the summer.

Are you ready to connect?  You can either view the list of available Covenant groups above, or contact us and we'll try to help you find the best fit.  

Questions?   Need help finding a group?
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